Saturday, November 25, 2006

Why this blog

Being a marine mechanical engineer by education and having worked few years in the merchant marine, I've always been drawn to the sea. Through one of those odd things in life, I became an entrepeneur in Costa Rica but after moving to Panama just over a year ago, the 'itch' came back.
I've been subscribed to Passage Maker Magazine for years. I never thought about buying 'plastic'. I wanted a very seaworthy vessel, built to withstand a beating by nature, total piece of mind and well, I didn't have $ 2 million in the bank either. So I was always on the lookout for a steel trawler and this year I got my hands on one.

This blog is about the process of converting it into a private expedition vessel. The deliberations, the related technical issues, the equipment and eventually - how it's behaving at sea!

Maybe it will help you if you plan a similar conversion project. And if just like to read about trawlers and related technical issues, enjoy! I will for sure.

Thorwald Westmaas

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