Saturday, November 25, 2006


distribution plan of new galleyThe vessel had a small galley to serve up to 8 crew members when fishing. We plan to unite galley and mess to create a bigger galley like shown here. It won't be huge but with some careful planning we should be able to come up with something to serve up to 20-24 people.

Since this is going to be an expedition vessel with a 10.000 nm range, we need to add some storage and we plan to use the two fuel tanks below the galley for this purposes. In here we planned cool storage below galleywant o create a cold room and freezer area. Access would be though a staircase which comes from the workshop behind the engine room. This staircase will also serve as the emergency exit from the engine room but be a lot more comfortable then the current one.

We will be working with Hakvoort Horeca in Rotterdam to get a professional marine galley on our vessel.

They carry the Giga Marina 700 line from Italy which will serve us fine and our 'chef' is working on the design right now. For a look at the equipment and aid planning, see these catalogs:

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