Friday, March 2, 2007


top view of tenders stored on aft deckWe plan to carry two tenders and would carry them on the aft deck during longer voyages.

Now that I received an AutoCAD drawing of this deck, I started to play around with the location of the tenders and it looks like the setu shown here works best.
The aft ends of the tenders will extend a little beyond the deck to allow walking space around the funnel superstructure and allow people to come up the stairs without hitting their heads against the bow of a tender!side view tenders

Alternatively, we can also keep a tender at the top deck near the bow. Or simply keep or tow them in the water. We'll probably put a small tender crane at the port side of the funnel superstructure. The one that would also puts the float plane onboard, remember ? :-) .
If this isn't the ultimate explorer vessel, then what is? Zenith Air CH 801 4-person amphibious float plan stored on aft deck

Engine room pictures

view of engine room looking to starboard side When reading reviews of trawlers in Passage Maker magazine the big issue is always the engineroom. Does it have standing room or not. Is there room to work.

Well, my engine room is an engineer's dream. It's not just big, it's huge. It even has a pretty big workshop in the back.

What you see is a 9 cylinder Deutz 628 engine that delivers full power at 750 rpm. Since we don't need full power, we'll run it at about 600 rpm and still go 10 knots.

Reintjes reduction gear behind main engineThe oversized Reintjes 5:1 reduction gear movs a slow moving 3.6 m. Van Voorden prop.

Latest drawings

wheelhouse and bridgedeck as of March 1 We are really getting in the final design stage now. The remaining areas are the top deck (fly bridge and aft. top deck deck).
This is where we'll store the tenders during longer voyages (on short trips, we may just tow them behind us).
It can also serve as the helipad or may store a float plane (in which case of course at least one tender has to be kept on the front top deck.

Here's a link to two PDF files with top views and side views. These are 800 KB files so you may want to 'right-click' them and use 'save target'.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Interior design

Probably the hardest part of all!

Here are a few images of what we like for the interior and exterior of our vessel. We plan to be in touch soon with an interior designer who also know the rules about material use.

Basically we like simple, clean lines. Not too much wood but teak (or imitation) on the floor is preferred due to maintainance). Forget about white or beige colored leather or carpet which seems to be so popular on bigger yachts.

We just need to fix that white leather...

Current navigation equipment

Although the current onboard navigatin equipment list is impressive, some of it is over 15 years old and it shows.

We're still in the planning stage but we'll definitely give the bridge a big overhaul. New will be navigation and monitoring systems by FreeTechnics. If you plan to overhaul your bridge, don't look further. Their stuff is not only cool, it works too. And it's affordable! Check out their site. We'll get some new radios, like the Icom digital SSB M802 or the M710. The IC-M502 - VHF Marine Transceiver is also on our list.

Transits through the Panama Canal require a AIS transponder. The Furuno FA-150 would do the job but we're looking for a seriously cheaper alternative like the AIS-CTRX . Not sure yet if we need a class A or class B transponder.

We also like the Maretron WSO 100 weather station and are looking into equipment of Mierij Meteo.

Maretron also has a gyro electric solid state compass. Like its wheather station, it's NMEA 2000 compatible.

At any case, we'll need some expert help like that of highly recommended DAB Marine Services in the Netherlands to figure out what we should keep and what to replace and equally important, how to distribute all the equipment on the panel.

Below a list of our current equipment. This file in PDF shows several pictures.

1 Sait navtex, type NAV 5
1 Trimble satcom-C installatie, type Galaxy Sentinel
1 Koden echolood, type CVS 8811
1 Koden echolood, type CVS 801

1 Observator gyrorepeater
1 Furuno radar F1530
1 Decca radar
1 Decca automatische pilot, type 450
1 Sailor marifoon, type RT 2047
1 Sailor DSC marifoon, type C4901
1 Loran, type LRX 322

2 Furuno GPS receivers, type GP 80
1 Unider scanner, type UBC 6500 XCT
1 Compu 2000 scanner
1 Kenwood receiver, type R 2000
1 Skanti SSB radio, type WR 6000
1 gyrocompas, type SR 220
1 Tron sart
1 Tron eprib, type 40S
1 navigation computer system, type Quoodfish 310
1 compass
1 Nera Mini-M sateliettelefoon