Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays

Enjoy the Holidays!
Ours is going to be pretty tropical in Panama city - we're setting up the pool in the backyard - but not as exotic as Santa here.
Apparently he's spending the holidays at San Blas or Kuna Yala, home of the Kuna Indians.
A beautiful group of picture-perfect islands that we plan to visit many timen when our vessel's conversion is finished.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Entertainment systems - an update

Well, back to reality. I finally got to speak with a Crestron dealer about the system I had in mind and well, no way we're going to spend that kind of $$$.
So, we'll stick to individual home entertainment systems for each stateroom and a library of DVD's our guests can borrow whenever they like.
There are nice compact systems out there like Denon's S-301 that plays DVDs, CD's, will deliver great sound, even iPod connectivity and for a fraction of the price.
And for $ 65 we can buy a multi system, multi zone DVD player and hook it up in case our European guests bring their own DVD's. Approximate savings: $ 70 K :-).