Saturday, November 25, 2006

Deck replacement

state of current main deck
The current main deck is covered with 2 inch thick wooden planks. Not quite sure which wood they've used but it's pretty beaten up and may not be the most suitable for the tropics and/or barefoot walking.

Other surfaces are just plain steel.

I'm been looking into several imitation teak options. Flexiteek, Marinedeck 2000 and Solvolan teak.

Flexiteek is nice for new construction when you have a nice clean deck. Same with MarineDeck, an innovative cork-based product, my favorite until I discovered Solovan. In my case, a conversion, deck preparation would jack-up the cost of an already expensive product even more. So Solovan, an expoxy based material is probably going to win: less aintainance, better suited to apply on rough surfaces or places where different thicknesses are needed and, the most affordable solution. It looks pretty good too as you can see.Solovan expoxy based imitation teak by Smits-Neuchatel

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