Saturday, November 25, 2006

Power generation

Power on board is currently provided by two Deutz 350 HP gen sets (2x 140 KVA), providing both 380V/3-phase AC as well as DC for the bow thruster. There's also a 190 HP "port" generator.

Victron Multiplus is a mustWe plan to remove one gen. set and replace them by 2 smaller ONAN (Cummings) or Westerbeke's silent gen. sets (probably 40 KVA each) and get rid of the port generator. We'll also add a 18 KVA ASEA Power converter to supply power to a 110V/50 Hz power grid. This way, we can buy local appliances that work on 60 Hz and guests will be able to bring their gear from home and plug in without having to mess with converters.

ASEA Power makes affordable convertersAdd to this the MultiPlus system from Victron Energy - more on this later and we getting a very flexible and efficient power management system.

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