Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My advisors

looking towards bridge from front
To make this all happen I rely on several people. And I'm sure this list will grow.

Right now, Willem Kramer, at Herman Jansen BV, the original design bureau of this and many other beautiful and very seaworthy trawlers are helping me put my ideas on paper or better, AutoCAD or similar.

I've also had a lot of help from Leun van Koppen of Maaskant shipyards, the ship's builder. This gentleman knows the ship inside out. I've thrown so many questions at him, he's still digesting them. And, I'm eternally greatful to him helping me find this ship (my wife clearly has a different opinion :-) ) and closing the deal.

On the engine front I've received a lot of help and 'education' from Richard Cuperus at Wartsila/Deutz, the engine manufacturer. He help me refresh what I had learned once about prop demand. They will take back the current 9 cyl. engine and get me a smaller 6 cylinder version.

I've also spend a great day and will surely be more in touch with Wim van Rij of Freetechnics. They make great stuff to keep an eye on anything on board. Check them out!

standing in front of main engine, looking astern - on the left, the entrance to the workshopJan Klumpenaar at Victron Energy, makers of the very versatle MultiPlus system, thanks for answering my many e-mails and helping me find my way to Asea Power frequency converters, helping me save lots of $$ so I can still built a power system that we want.

Lars Bo Anderson from CJC filters in Denmark, thanks for answering my many questions, sending me lots of info and setting up a great, very informative website; an example for other manufacturers.

I also want to mention Eric Vonk and Karin Schippers, proud owners of another, 44 m. Maaskant trawler. They living near Tampa, Florida and are traveling up and down to see the progress on their Scintilla Maris. They should start a blog too!

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