Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fuel system

fuel tank monitoring panel & valves to fuel tanks
Alfa Laval fuel oil separator which we plan to replace by a CJC filter systemRight now, we can carry 126 tons -just over 33 thousand gallons - of diesel oil.

That's a little more than we anticipate we'll need even for really extended passage making. We'd probably run out of beer before we run out of fuel! With the anticpated economy cruising speed, we'd have a range of over ten thousand nautical miles. Even if we take eliminate the stern fuel tanks and keep our 4 bottom tanks (total capacity 90 tons), we could cruise non-stop from Rotterdam to Tahiti at 9 knots, making a side stop at Easter Island!. Check the route on Google Earth :-).

Fuel is currently cleaned with an Alfa Laval purifier.

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