Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Guest Cabins

The biggest modification of all will take place in what are now the fish and net holds.

In the net hold (the area forward of the engineroom) and fish hold, forward of the net hold, we plan to build 6 staterooms as shown.

We are considering to allow the installation of a Pullman-berth in the forward 4 staterooms (picture left) so these rooms allow up to 3 guests or 2 guests in separate berths.

Access will be from the main decks living room.
Below these staterooms there's still standing room (well, almost) and space for supplies and equipment like laundry and maybe some spare berths for crew. Or kids. Access will be from the main deck through the area indicated as 'naar onderruim'.

Forward of the fishhold is the forward engineroom. It has a gen set that was used during its days as a fishing trawler in port but now it will make space for 2 more staterooms so we'll have a total of 8 in this area. Enough for 8 couples with their friends and kids. All staterooms will have queen sized beds and some will have a 3rd berth pullman-style.

All walls, doors and floors will meet SOLAS convention passengership standards and regulations related to fire safety and noise cancelling.

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