Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crew cuarters

We're not quite sure how much professional crew - if ever - we need. Basically, we plan to have this vessel manageable by 2 or 3 people. I mean, it's a little bit bigger but hey, the safety is in the size !!

But not everybody operates a vessel this size like that so, to ensure the maximum resale value, we're going to create more crew space. And being a former merchant mariner myself, we're not going to put them into a close like most multi-million $$ megayachts do. Of course, these staterooms make also great cuarters for kids.

We plan 3 staterooms, each with 2 berths forward (one small queen size), under the current 'buiskap' (see picture at the bottom of this page).

One with have a private bathroom; the other will share one. There also will be a crew mess and small crew galley. The 'camera room' is for the diving folks to put their gear when they come out of the water. In this area, we also provide access to the storage below the main staterooms (the 'onder ruim').

In the rear of the vessel, we'll create a small stateroom for the captain and engineer. They will share a bathroom. This way, they'll be very close to both bridge and engineroom. Of course, they will be able to monitor their relevant systems from their stateroom.




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