Monday, February 26, 2007

Interior design

Probably the hardest part of all!

Here are a few images of what we like for the interior and exterior of our vessel. We plan to be in touch soon with an interior designer who also know the rules about material use.

Basically we like simple, clean lines. Not too much wood but teak (or imitation) on the floor is preferred due to maintainance). Forget about white or beige colored leather or carpet which seems to be so popular on bigger yachts.

We just need to fix that white leather...


agreene said...

Thanks for your blog... I love reading about your progress... The idea of a fishing trawler / yacht converstion was really just a day dream of mine that I never immagined anyone having actually attempted. Immagine my delight then in finding your blog. Please keep posting - don't know how many people you hear from, but I for one am a regular reader!

Andrew in San Francisco

Thorwald Westmaas said...
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bahubali said...

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