Thursday, March 8, 2007

New crane solution

using a more traditional solution will look better and save $$Since we eventually would like to be able to carry a 7 ton sub, we need a pretty strong crane.

We've been looking at hydraulic cranes but they are not cheap and the location, while acceptable, did leave us with kind of a big ugly object in the line of sight forward.

Since we have a pretty strong forward mast anyway, our designers at Herman Jansen made this suggestion - a boom - and we like it a lot. It's a lot more affordable while able to carry higher loads. It also looks a lot better we think.

a Bell Jetranger has just landed. Welcome on boardNow we're going to find a way to do the same for the tenders on the platform aft.
We can't use the same set up behind the mast because it would reduce the safe area to land a helicopter. Maybe a small hydraulic low profile (stiff) boom crane after all? We'll figure something out.

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