Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Latest drawings

forward mast with hoist and observation platformAn update of the drawings. The new crane - should I say beam with hoist? - is now further developed. No more (expensive) hydraulic crane. It also matches the general look a lot better.

We also put a little observation platform in front of the mast, taking advantage of the support struts placed in front of it. It accommodates about 7 people. Great for whale watching.

The tenders are place on the aft deck and the access to this deck has been moved. They stick out a little bit but that's OK. We probably need a small hydraulic crane for the tenders but we're still looking at option here.

We also did a litte work on the hold below the staterooms. We put the SCUBA air compressors here and an emergency gen. set but I want to move the air compressors to the engine room and the gen. set to the anchor winch room.

This is a PDF file with a side view. This file has top views.

Slowly but surely it's coming together.

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